Success Stories: Pay It Forward – Hamilton Ceiling Systems & Pinner Construction

How do you create a community? Ask Pinner Construction. When they were awarded the role of Prime contractor for South Region High School #15 with the help of the Bond Assistance Program, they needed a subcontractor for insulation and acoustical work.

That’s when they turned to Hamilton Ceiling Systems. “When we approached them, we found that they were having some difficulty getting bonded,” says Gary A. Riehle, Insurance & Risk Manager, Pinner Construction CO., Inc. Riehle recommended they get in touch with MWIS. “We’ve had a long history of working with small business contractors  and we value that relationship,” he explains. “We looked at the potential they had and liked what they had to offer, and knew that they are the type of subcontractor we’d like to work with.”

For Hamilton, it was a welcome introduction: “BAP was a great help,” says office manager Jessica Turner. “Without it we wouldn’t have been able to move forward with the bond or the project. We were very happy and relieved to learn of the program.”

Turning them over to LAUSD and BAP, Riehle knew they were in good hands. And he felt good about that: “It’s a proud moment to look at Hamilton and know that we helped them.” He adds: “The system can work if it’s done right and the people are willing to work within it.”

And it’s working. With the project about halfway done, they are well on their way to a beautiful new high school with a view of Catalina Island. But the benefits will extend way beyond this particular project. “It adds growth to your company by increasing your bond-power,” says Turner. Says Riehle: “If you help somebody out, you are helping that contractor get future work, helping out the building community, and our public works system. This creates jobs and helps businesses flourish.”

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